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  • Joshua Van Cleef
    Joshua Van Cleef
    “This pilgrimage is about the abundance of life offered in simplicity, in relationships, and in trusting in God.”

  • Richard Goodin
    Richard Goodin
    "Pilgrimage as a lifestyle is resurfacing within the Order; it is a penitential and radical way of completely relying upon the grace of God."

  • Clifford Hennings
    Clifford Hennings
    "I desire to hold nothing within my breast other than the love which I have been blessed by the Lord to receive, so that I have nothing to give but Christ’s perfect charity."

  • Roger Lopez
    Roger Lopez
    “When all the basic necessities of life are stripped away, one begins to see oneself, others and God in a different perspective, either positive or negative.”

  • Ed Shea, OFM
    Ed Shea, OFM
    "As a friar for over 25 years, I have always dreamed about doing something like this. I thank God for these young friars and their passion – it’s contagious!"

  • Mark Soehner, OFM
    Mark Soehner, OFM
    “It seemed important [for me] as a formation director to accompany the deep desire of our younger friars to live out our charism in this way. For me personally, it will be a way to walk with Christ.”

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Blessings to the Friars who I just met on 17th Street, NW, Washington DC, as they passed by my office at the FDIC at about 1:00pm! It was a joy to meet you and see you on the streets of this city. May God keep you and get you safely to the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land.


I was at some friends' home for supper the other night and showed them the website of your pilgrimage. They were thrilled to see it and remembered they had friends who live in Virginia right on your path. They were going to call them to keep their eyes open as you pass by.
Our prayers are with you all the way.

Thank you guys for letting me take a photo with you today. I will share your story with my congregation this Wednesday night. May your faith be strong, and may God protect and guide you on your journey.

Rev. Mark Snowden
Harvest Baptist Church

Phillipians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus

Thanks Josh for that movie thought.
Good luck on your trip brother.

Good luck on your pilgrimage!!! I admire your passion to emulate Father Francis. I am an aspiring Secular Franciscan in the Philippines, I hope we can do something like this here!!


As we celebrate today the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, be assured of the thoughts and prayers of the friars at Sacred Heart Peoria. You lift our hearts by your pilgrimage and renew our hope! May God bless you!

Fr. Larry, Fr Luis, Fr. Bert, Fr. Aquinas

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